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Dental team, get the Mersey beat!


Dental team, get the Mersey beat!

The programme for this year's British Dental Conference and Exhibition (20-22 May at the ACC, Liverpool) offers something for the whole dental team, with a number of sessions designed
to appeal exclusively to dental care professionals and others scheduled with whole-team attendance in mind.

The conference aims to be able to equip the entire dental team, from practitioners to dental nurses, with knowledge and skills that can be directly implemented into everyday practice.

An easy-to-use key in this year's programme, which signals the intended audience for each session, helps delegates identify the lectures they simply can't afford to miss in the crowded schedule of top national and international speakers.

Sessions for the whole team will tackle issues including:
• The latest developments on dental nurse registration and whether it is working
• Disease prevention in the UDA system and the role of the dental therapist
• The role of practice managers in leading dental practices through change
• Latest developments in infection control and working with HTM 01 05
• What primary care trusts look for during practice visits and the impact of the Care Quality Commission
• Whether dental care in the future will be delivered by one united profession or eight separate ones.

There will also be some opportunities for delegates to take part in debates as well as listen to presentations, all of which also count towards delegates' verifiable CPD hours.

For more information on the conference and exhibition, register at or call 0870 166 6625.

Meanwhile, here are some of the highlights for the three days.

Top of the bill
Leading US clinical speakers David Newkirk and William Bo Bruce are to headline the Friday lecture programme. Both are renowned experts in the field of restorative and aesthetic dentistry and are accredited members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. William Bo Bruce is affiliate assistant Professor at the Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine. David Newkirk is a general dental practitioner in Naperville Illinois. The duo will co-headline two sessions at the BDA's flagship event.

The first session, Predictable occlusion and guidance; in everyday practice, will explore the essential principles of occlusion, the need to understand proper anterior guidelines how best to implement them in your practice. It will also provide delegates with an understanding how to avoid failures and how to judge which patients are safe to work on.

The second lecture, Treatment planning for aesthetics and bonding: making it simple, will consider the three steps to delivering exceptional aesthetics; the smile design checklist, the
fundamentals of bonding, and the organisation of complex functional and aesthetic cases.

Journey to the limits
Gary Unterbrink, a general dental practitioner in Lichtenstein with more than 15 years experience in research and product development, will lead delegates at the Conference in an exploration of the limits of material and techniques. He argues that there are quite often striking conflicts between practitioners' clinical experiences and the conclusions of evidence-based dentistry, and that there are many areas of dentistry where additional knowledge is still required.

Dr Unterbrink headlines two sessions on the first day. The first, Direct composites – exploring the limits of materials and techniques, will help attendees develop their knowledge of the ideal preparations for composite restorations, the selection of adhesives and composites and application techniques that combine efficiency, function and aesthetics.

His second session, Effective indirect adhesive restorations, will consider diagnosis and treatment planning, the critical role of preparation technique for success with instant adhesive restorations and the co-ordination of practice and laboratory factors.

Non-invasive aesthetic treatment
Renowned expert in the area of aesthetic dental care Dr Irfan Ahmad will be chairing a presentation at this year's Conference and Exhibition. Aimed at general dental practitioners and young dentists, the lecture has been designed to give clinicians a practical treatment approach that allows for the predictable enhancement of the smile.

Dr Ahmad will be introducing Dinos Kounturas, a general dental practitioner at The Dental Implant Clinic in Thessalonki, Greece, as the speaker for the session. His presentation, Customised aesthetic treatment using minimal or non-invasive feldspathic porcelain veneers, will explore the rationale behind the use of such veneers as an alternative to composite resins. The session will provide a step-by-step guide using clinical case studies to demonstrate the processes involved in order to create successfully an enhanced smile for patients.
Caries management
Among the speakers this year is clinical expert Dr Avijit Banerjee, senior lecturer and honorary consultant in restorative dentistry at King's College London (KCL) Dental Institute at Guy's Hospital. He will be delivering a presentation entitled Revolutions in caries management – minimal invasive dentistry in practice.
The presentation will be detailing:
• The methods for monitoring patients with a high risk of
developing caries
• Understanding the pathology of caries
• How to bond to caries –
affected dentine and the
therapeutic effects.
Dr Banerjee has carried out extensive clinical research into cariology, caries removal techniques, microbiology and microscopic imaging of dental caries and, as winner of the 2009 King's College London Teacher of the Year Award, is well placed to offer outstanding clinical expertise to delegates.

How best to use dental therapists
How best to use dental therapists in practice is the topic for a presentation at this year's BDA

Steve Brookes will present Can we prevent disease within the current UDA system?, briefly reflecting on the past to gain an understanding of where dentistry is today, where the Department of Health wants dental teams to be, and exploring the opportunities that now exist for the benefits of patients, the dental team, and commissioners of services.

Since 1997, he has been involved in the delivery of dental care in general dental practice with the benefit of a dental therapist, undertaking school examinations with focused preventive advice and care across three practices.

Steve adds: ‘Learning during this period has now been expanded across our estate of 35 practices.'

‘Always keeping in mind GDC guidance “acting in the patients best interests”, I will look at innovative ways of delivering preventive care and advice utilising the benefits of the dental therapist to meet the needs of your local population.'

He plans to explore ways of working with, paying, and maximising the dental therapist in the team, and how they are going to be key players in meeting the forthcoming PCT's Key Performance Indicators and quality accounts.    

Steele on agenda
The architect of the reform of NHS dentistry in England, Professor Jimmy Steele, will join senior BDA officers to debate the future of the service at this year's British Dental Conference and Exhibition.

Delegates at the event will hear presentations from Professor Steele, BDA executive board chair Susie Sanderson and general dental practice committee chair John Milne, before the three take part in a panel debate on issues around the future of dentistry in England raised by their presentations.

Professor Steele's lecture, entitled The realms of the possible: what could we do with NHS dentistry? will tackle some of the key themes addressed in his review of NHS dentistry including the ability of the NHS to provide a universal dental service and how comprehensive that service can be.

The session takes place at a pivotal time in the reform process, just months after the announcement of the first wave of Steele pilots by the Department of Health, and only two weeks after the General Election. 

GDC update
The General Dental Council is preparing for a busy Conference and Exhibition in Liverpool.
Delegates will be able to speak directly to GDC staff throughout the three days by visiting Stand A54 in the exhibition hall at the ACC.

In a seminar session on Friday 21 May, entitled Update from the GDC, registrants can find out more about the role of the regulator, how it is funded and how registrant activity impacts on the costs of regulation.

There will also be updates on the latest thinking on revalidation and other policy developments. Update from the GDC takes place between 9.30am and 10.45am in Hall 4a.

 Posted on : Fri 14th - May - 2010


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