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Dentistry Top 50 is back!

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Dentistry Top 50 is back!


Dentistry Top 50 is back!

Today marks the launch of the sixth running of the annual campaign, which gives readers of Dentistry magazine and registered users of the chance to vote for the 10 people they feel are the most influential in the UK dental profession right now.

You may wish to vote for valued colleagues, respected tutors, prominent association leaders, leading political figures, astute media analysts or whoever, it's entirely up to you.
Once all the votes are in, we count them up and then reveal the 50 people who received the most nominations.
Last year, you voted esteemed academic Edward Lynch, currently head of dentistry at the University of Warwick, as your number one. But who will it be this year?

As well as perennial high-placers such as Kevin Lewis, Eddie Crouch, Barry Cockcroft, Raj Rattan and Linda Greenwall, there are a number of new faces that have made an impact on the profession in the last 12 months.
It has been a big year in politics with the Lib-Con coalition taking power in Downing Street, and therefore a new ministerial team put in place at the Department of Health.

Andrew Lansley is now secretary of state for health, while Earl Howe, parliamentary under secretary of state for quality, has responsibility for dentistry – a position that has seen his profile rocket within the sector as he has appeared in the news pages of the dental press on several occasions over the last few months.

Anne Milton, parliamentary under secretary of state for public health, is dealing with the high-profile issue of fluoridation, while another new member of the department, Simon Burns, is also often quoted in dental-related news stories. Some people may feel of course that ultimate responsibility for government decisions relating to dentistry will eventually fall into the hands of prime minister David Cameron.
The last year has seen the controversial role of the Care Quality Commission come under great scrutiny, and the commission's chief executive Cynthia Bower looks set to be in the thick of it over the next few months. Over at the General Dental Council, chair Alison Lockyer has recently been joined by new chief executive and registrar Evlynne Gilvarry.

Amarjit Gill has taken over as president of the British Dental Association while Nik Sisodia has replaced James Goolnik as president of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Sir Paul Beresford was elected as the new chair of the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) for dentistry over the summer, replacing Charlotte Atkins who lost her seat in the general election, while Conservative Peer Lord Colwyn was re-elected as vice-chair.
Away from the political spectrum and into the heart of the dental practice, it has been a breakthrough year for many big awa

rd winners.

At the 2010 Dentistry Awards in December, Matthew Perkins of Modus Advanced Dental Clinic in Coventry was named Best Young Dentist in the Midlands and the UK, while Visage Lifestyle Clinic in Glasgow, fronted by clinical director Attiq Rahman, won Best Team and Best Practice for Scotland, as well as the Best Practice UK award. B

elmore Dental Studio in Northern Ireland, established by Niall McEnhill, won the Best Team UK award.
At the 2010 Private Dentistry Awards in November ,Joanna Koussertari was named the Outstanding Individual of the Year, while the title of Private Dentist of the Year went to Shameek Popat.

Last year's highest new entry in the Top 50 was James Goolnik (number four), while other significant new entrants were Anoop Maini (6), Tif Qureshi (13), James Russell (15), Laura Horton (20) and Jimmy Steele (23). The biggest mover was Paul Tipton, who rose 18 places from number 25 to 7.

As in previous years, we have provided a list of suggested names you may want to consider (see below) when deciding who to vote for. This is only to help you conjure up some ideas – you are free to vote for people not mentioned on the list.

This poll is open to all readers of Dentistry magazine and users of You can vote online at The deadline for all votes is Monday 28 February 2011. No votes received after this date will be counted.

Hazel Adams
Saaqib Ali
Martyn Amsell
Steven Anderson
Mark Atkinson
Edward Attenborough
Ruby Austin
Brian Avery
Paul Baker
Nasser Barghi
Graham Barnby
Chris Barrow
Paul Batchelor
Peter Bateman
Raman Bedi
Meredith Bell
Nick Benger
Ian Benington
Phil Bennett
Paul Beresford
John Besford
Bhavin Bhatt
Anthony Blinkhorn
David Bloom
Ed Bonner
Cynthia Bower
Tim Bradstock-Smith
Ingvar Branemark
Amelia Bray
Peter Briggs
Sue Bruckel
Stephen Buchanan
Ian Buckle
Jason Buglass
Trevor Burke
Simon Burns
Steve Byfield
David Cameron
Julian Caplan
Nigel Carter
Sally Chadwick
Wyman Chan
Gerard Chiche
John Chope
Gordon Christensen
Barry Cockcroft
Anthony Colwyn
Mhari Coxon
John Cranham
Eddie Crouch
Bridget Crump
Bob Cummings
Simon Cunnington
Andrew Dawood
Jennifer de St Georges
Clive Debenham
Robert Donald
William Dorfman
Rahul Doshi
Chris Drinkwater
Mervyn Druian
John Drummond
Paul Dummer
David Dunlop
Andrew Eder
Lester Ellman
Julian English
Newton Fahl
Martin Fallowfield
Koray Feran
Charles Ferber
Brian Franks
George Freedman
Philip Friel
Peter Galgut
Simon Gambold
Stephen Gates
Sandra Gidley
Amarjit Gill
Evlynne Gilvarry
James Goolnik
Edgar Gordon
Ian Gordon
Sally Goss
Andrew Gould
Mike Gow
Ken Green
Sue Greening
Linda Greenwall
Sue Gregory
Tony Griffin
Galip Gurel
Elaine Halley
Stephen Hancocks
Stuart Harding
Mark Haswell
Van Haywood
John Healey
Sarah Hepburn
Roy Higson
John Hobkirk
Simon Hocken
Sara Holmes
Rupert Hoppenbrouwers
David Hornbrook
Laura Horton
David Houston
Earl Howe
David Hudaly
James Hull
Gertrude Huss
Ian Jackson
Tony Jacobs
Ken James
Cathy Jameson
Gareth Jenkins
Tony Jenner
Stuart Johnston
Steve Jones
Dipak Joshi
Krishan Joshi
Vinod Joshi
Sascha Jovanovic
Liz Kay
Chris Kettler
Bob Khanna
Fazeela Khan-Osborne
Tony Kilcoyne
George Kirtley
David Klaff
Nigel Knott
Joanna Koussertari
Peter Kurer
Russ Ladwa
Norman Lamb
Laurence Lando
John Langford
Payman Langroudi
Andrew Lansley
Nick Ledingham
Roger Levin
Kevin Lewis
Alison Lockyer
John Lowry
Chris Lucas
Paddi Lund
Brian Lux
Edward Lynch
Anoop Maini
Stanley Malamed
Amjad Malik
Moona Malik
Tidu Mankoo
Mike Martin
Hew Mathewson
Roger Matthews
Martin Mayhew
Rob McAndrew
Angie McBain
Ian McIntyre
Paul Mendlesohn
Martin Mills
John Milne
Anne Milton
Sia Mirfendereski
Carl Misch
Basil Mizrahi
Steve Moulder
Richard Mounce
Mike Mulcahy
Ross Nash
Ian Needleman
Jamie Newlands
Philip Newsome
Tim Newton
Hien Ngo
Michael Norton
Mike O'Brien
Christopher Orr
Siobhan Owen
Ashish Parmar
Ellis Paul
Ian Peace
Keith Pearson
Matthew Perkins
Julian Perry
David Phillips
Shameek Popat
Barry Posner
Chris Potts
Melonie Prebble
Geoff Pullen
Tif Qureshi
Attiq Rahman
Raj Rattan
Omer Reed
Tony Reed
Juliette Reeves
John Renshaw
Joe Rich
Nigel Risner
Ron Ritsco
Shona Robison
Derry Rogers
Larry Rosenthal
Margaret Ross
Gary Rowland
Nicki Rowland
Clifford Ruddle
James Russell
Susie Sanderson
Jonathan Sandler
Nigel Saynor
Edwin Scher
Brian Schottlander
Crispian Scully
Lloyd Searson
Derek Setchell
Ashok Sethi
Margaret Seward
Seema Sharma
Harry Shiers
Harris Sidelsky
Amolak Singh
Quentin Skinner
Mabel Slater
Jason Smithson
Kish Soneji
Frank Spear
Howard Stean
Jimmy Steele
Chris Stock

 Posted on : Tue 1st - Feb - 2011


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