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Feb - 2008.

  • First ever dental tourism survey reveals satisfied customers
  • The world s first dental tourism survey has shown high levels of satisfaction among the thousands of dental tourists around the world with the treatment they received in other countries The survey was conducted by RevaHealth com a medical and dental tourism s.. read more. Posted on : Thu 28th - Feb - 2008

  • Nice teeth shame about the gums
  • The cosmetic dentistry industry may be booming yet while patients are forking out on whitening treatments and the like many are neglecting their gums This week is Gum Disease Awareness Week sponsored by OralClens Natural which aims to draw attention to the .. read more. Posted on : Thu 28th - Feb - 2008

  • Dentists cannot deliver modern preventive care says BDA
  • Statistics published today offer further evidence that the Government s 2006 reforms are failing to achieve their aim of improving access to NHS dentistry the British Dental Association has said The figures published by The Information Centre show that mor.. read more. Posted on : Thu 28th - Feb - 2008

  • Tooth transplant restores vision
  • A man has had his sight partially restored after doctors inserted his son s tooth in his eye Doctors at University College Hospital Galway said there was nothing more they could do for Robert McNichol 57 from County Sligo after he lost his sight in an explos.. read more. Posted on : Thu 28th - Feb - 2008

  • Judge suggests whip round as Crouch loses second leg of legal battle and 80 000
  • Birmingham orthodontist Eddie Crouch has said he s lsquo hugely disappointed after losing his bid to prove the NHS did not properly consult the public over new dental contracts Dr Crouch won the first stage of his case on Monday when the judge ruled the NHS .. read more. Posted on : Wed 27th - Feb - 2008

  • Expensive treatment makes UK notorious for having bad teeth
  • Nearly a third of Britons have not gone to the dentist during the past two years because they claim they cannot afford to a survey shows Around 30 of people aged between 16 and 64 have not had a regular check up for at least two years This is despite one in .. read more. Posted on : Wed 27th - Feb - 2008

  • GDC proposals may open up tooth whitening to dental team
  • The General Dental Council GDC has signalled it would be willing to relax its tough stance on who should carry out tooth whitening allowing other members of the dental team to carry out the treatment as well as dentists Consulting on draft guidance on the s.. read more. Posted on : Wed 27th - Feb - 2008

  • Virtual cinema but without the popcorn
  • Dentists can calm their most stressed out of patients with something special to focus on apart from their fear ndash or the cost of their treatment Distraction comes in the form of lightweight compact video eyewear that allows the patient an audiovisual cin.. read more. Posted on : Wed 27th - Feb - 2008

  • Cockcroft pledges dentists for all in Cornwall
  • England s Chief Dental Officer has assured the people of Cornwall that everyone who wants an NHS dentist will get one The county has been identified as one of the worst for access to dental care Dr Barry Cockcroft made his comments in Plymouth where he was vis.. read more. Posted on : Wed 27th - Feb - 2008

  • Judge slams NHS contract as Crouch awaits High Court judgment
  • Birmingham orthodontist Eddie Crouch is hoping for a High Court judgment in his favour following yesterday s hearing on whether he can challenge his NHS contract The judge is expected to give a formal judgment this week but gave Mr Crouch hope when he describ.. read more. Posted on : Tue 26th - Feb - 2008

  • Men s bad teeth are a top 10 turn off
  • Men with bad teeth might do well to invest in some cosmetic dental work if an online survey of women is anything to go by In a survey on women aol co uk bad teeth is the second most unappealing characteristic in a man beaten only by poor body odour And that .. read more. Posted on : Tue 26th - Feb - 2008

  • British Society of Oral Implantology website hacked
  • The British Society of Oral Implantology website has temporarily closed down after computer hackers got into their system over the weekend Chairman Dr Ken Nicholson said it was unfortunate timing for the society in the run up to its inaugural symposium as visi.. read more. Posted on : Tue 26th - Feb - 2008

  • Strict hygiene rules will hit hard dentists fear
  • Scottish dentists are warning that patients costs will rise and there will be hundreds fewer dentists because of stringent hygiene rules They say regulations requiring them to have separate facilities for cleaning equipment by the end of 2009 will mean surger.. read more. Posted on : Tue 26th - Feb - 2008

  • Lab goes Wii to create perfect fitting dentures
  • A new invention is using the concept of a virtual reality game console to create perfect dentures The Wii ndash the video game from Nintendo that allows players to control the game action by moving their arms in front of a motion sensor ndash made its glob.. read more. Posted on : Mon 25th - Feb - 2008

  • 400 000 cash incentive for dentists to stick with NHS
  • Dental practices in Sheffield are being offered a 400 000 cash incentive to stick with the NHS Sheffield Primary Care Trust is offering 17 practices the extra funding if they continue to accept new NHS patients ndash or if they give faster treatment to pat.. read more. Posted on : Mon 25th - Feb - 2008

  • Box clever to win 12 bottles of red
  • All readers of Dentistry co uk have the chance to win an exclusive case of red wine worth 180 The case contains 12 carefully selected bottles of Shiraz wine One lucky Dentistry co uk reader will win this fantastic prize To enter the prize draw please clic.. read more. Posted on : Mon 25th - Feb - 2008

  • Men neglect teeth more than women says survey
  • Men take less care of their teeth than women new research reveals A survey of UK adults ndash commissioned by dental plan providers Denplan ndash found men were more likely to brush their teeth just once a day and less likely to use mouthwash dental fl.. read more. Posted on : Mon 25th - Feb - 2008

  • Alcoholic dentist faces six month practice ban
  • An alcoholic dentist from Northampton who lied to the General Dental Council GDC to cover up his drink driving has been suspended from practice for six months Adrian Wright from Kingsthorpe in Northampton claimed under oath at a hearing of the GDC last Apr.. read more. Posted on : Mon 25th - Feb - 2008

  • New health scheme will aid stressed dentists
  • NHS dentists are to get a new service to help them cope with physical or mental health issues and addiction problems The National Clinical Assessment Service NCAS is developing a programme for dentists and doctors that will be launched this autumn ndash to.. read more. Posted on : Thu 21st - Feb - 2008

  • UDA a crazy unit of measurement government told
  • The British Dental Association BDA today called on the government to scrap its current method of monitoring NHS dentistry ndash units of dental activity UDAs ndash in favour of something more flexible And BDA executive board chair Susie Sanderson warne.. read more. Posted on : Thu 21st - Feb - 2008

  • Winston Churchill s letters to his dentist on sale
  • Two letters written by Sir Winston Churchill to the dentist who made his false teeth telling him that he had been nominated for a knighthood are expected to fetch together up to 1400 at auction The letters were written in 1952 and 1954 when Sir Winston wa.. read more. Posted on : Wed 20th - Feb - 2008

  • GDC to seek ASBO order against dental technician
  • The General Dental Council GDC is seeking a post conviction ASBO against a dental technician who fitted dentures to five elderly patients without being qualified to do so The regulating body prosecuted Joe Jordan of Denture Care Repair a mobile business i.. read more. Posted on : Wed 20th - Feb - 2008

  • White tea prevents tooth decay
  • Studies have found that white tea could actually better for you than all of its multi coloured counterparts Until recently it was believed that green tea which is full of polyphenols the antioxidant that helps fight and kill cancer causing cells was the ult.. read more. Posted on : Tue 19th - Feb - 2008

  • NHS dentistry at risk BDA warns government
  • The British Dental Association BDA will warn the government this week that the future of NHS dentistry is lsquo at risk unless ministers scrap the current NHS contracts Representatives of the BDA have already outlined how the contract changes have seen mor.. read more. Posted on : Tue 19th - Feb - 2008

  • Dental students will get fees paid
  • Students attending Scotland s newest dental school opening in October will get their fees paid by the Scottish government The 7000 cost to study on the four year post grad course at Aberdeen s new 15million dental school will be waived for the 15 students .. read more. Posted on : Tue 19th - Feb - 2008

  • Cancer link to mobile phones the debate continues
  • Cancer of the salivary gland is higher in people who use their mobile phone frequently according to a recent study from Israel But in a conflicting report ndash the largest and longest running investigation ever to be carried out into mobile phone usage n.. read more. Posted on : Tue 19th - Feb - 2008

  • Laser gun to wipe out need for fillings
  • A revolutionary laser device that detects the early signs of tooth decay could end the need for fillings The hand held machine designed by scientists at Strathclyde University Glasgow uses a laser to create an image of a tooth s mineral content and allows d.. read more. Posted on : Tue 19th - Feb - 2008

  • Dental health charity welcomes 10 licence to smoke idea
  • A dental health charity has welcomed a proposal by a government health advisory board to make smokers cough up for a 10 licence before they can light up No one would be able to buy cigarettes without first buying a permit under the idea proposed by Health E.. read more. Posted on : Mon 18th - Feb - 2008

  • His teeth weren t made for walking
  • A fell walker has been reunited with his set of dentures a year after losing them in the Lake District David Packer from Manchester had just climbed the Haystacks in January 2007 when he stopped for a chocolate bar He popped out his dental plate and wrapped it.. read more. Posted on : Fri 15th - Feb - 2008

  • 40 000 year old tooth reveals lifestyle of Neanderthal
  • A 40 000 YEAR OLD tooth has provided scientists with the first direct evidence that Neanderthals moved from place to place during their lifetimes The team used laser technology to collect microscopic particles of enamel from the tooth By analysing strontium is.. read more. Posted on : Fri 15th - Feb - 2008

  • Practice fined for illegal dentistry
  • The General Dental Council GDC has successfully prosecuted Community First for Treatment Ltd which had dental practices in Eastfield Road in Peterborough and Main Ridge in West Boston for the illegal business of dentistry on two occasions in the last two yea.. read more. Posted on : Fri 15th - Feb - 2008

  • Amalgam ban causes a stir
  • Denmark has announced plans to ban the use of amalgam in dental procedures echoing a similar move by Norway and Sweden earlier this year The Danish ban will come into place on 1 April 2008 while the Norwegian and Swedish legislation has been in effect since.. read more. Posted on : Thu 14th - Feb - 2008

  • Love blossoms over the dentist chair
  • US dentists are a romantic bunch ndash last week one in five dentists admitted to dating a co worker or employee at their dental practice in a recent survey Gender played a distinct role in a dentist s experience with workplace romance One in four male den.. read more. Posted on : Thu 14th - Feb - 2008

  • Dental health charity rips up approval for toddler cup
  • The British Dental Health Foundation BDHF has ripped up its stamp of approval of a trainer cup after a battle over money with the manufacturers The Steadycup ndash an open top cup for toddlers ndash enjoyed the endorsement by the BDHF for over two years .. read more. Posted on : Thu 14th - Feb - 2008

  • New aesthetic dentistry course will ensure patient protection
  • Dentists keen to branch out into dental aesthetics have until the end of this month 29 February to secure a place on the UK s first accredited course in aesthetic dentistry The 18 month part time training programme which leads to an Advanced Certificate in .. read more. Posted on : Wed 13th - Feb - 2008

  • Clinical trials test fish oils effect on gum health
  • A US health company is working with dentists and patients to study the effects of Omega 3 oil on inflammation and gum health The Maine Natural Health Company has developed OmegaMaine Omega 3 oil ndash an all natural high potency liquid fish oil that has be.. read more. Posted on : Wed 13th - Feb - 2008

  • Txt a msg 2 NHS
  • NHS Direct has launched a text messaging service providing details of local health services including your nearest dentist Send a text message to 61121 with the name of the service required and a postcode and a response will be sent back with information abo.. read more. Posted on : Wed 13th - Feb - 2008

  • Dentists under pressure to treat fewer children claims pressure group
  • Dentists are under pressure not to treat children as the NHS cannot afford to fund their care a pressure group claims Health trusts want dentists to concentrate on targeting adult patients who have to pay for treatment according to dental pressure group Chal.. read more. Posted on : Tue 12th - Feb - 2008

  • Mouth Cancer Foundation hails NICE U turn
  • The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence NICE has issued a preliminary positive recommendation Appraisal Consultation Document for the use of cetuximab Erbitux in combination with radiotherapy for the treatment of locally advanced head a.. read more. Posted on : Tue 12th - Feb - 2008

  • Dental health boss welcomes warning of cannabis link to gum disease
  • A dental health expert has welcomed the results of a new study that warns young pot smokers of the health risks to their gums and teeth Researchers in New Zealand have discovered that regularly smoking cannabis as a young adult can lead to early periodontal di.. read more. Posted on : Tue 12th - Feb - 2008

  • Britain s biggest dental chain sold in multi million pound deal
  • Britain s largest dental chain has been sold in a multi million pound deal Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity has acquired a majority shareholding in Integrated Dental Holdings founded in 1996 by dentist David Hudaly The sum was reported to be 300million .. read more. Posted on : Mon 11th - Feb - 2008

  • Dairy Council launches slurp and chew healthy teeth campaign
  • The Dairy Council launches an educational campaign today Monday plugging milk and cheese as the lsquo healthy teeth option Called Slurp Chew Your Way to Dental Health it s accompanied by a 30 second animated promotional film that will air in at least 16.. read more. Posted on : Mon 11th - Feb - 2008

  • GPs fill gaps in dental care survey reveals
  • A survey has found that patients are using GPs to fill gaps in dental treatment And some GP practices are seeing more than one dental case a week according to the rapid response survey carried out by the National Association of Primary Care NAPC on 4 Februa.. read more. Posted on : Mon 11th - Feb - 2008

  • A helping hand for young dentists careers
  • A new scheme to help young dentists climb the career ladder following their NHS vocational training has been launched by the British Dental Association BDA VT Advance is a one year scheme and participants ndash or lsquo vocational associates ndash a.. read more. Posted on : Fri 8th - Feb - 2008

  • US dentist s study links oral and heart health
  • A US dentist is the latest voice among dental and heart experts to say that patients with heart disease are more likely to suffer from gum disease and tooth loss Periodontist Dr David Goteiner had his study published in the Journal of Periodontology He spent .. read more. Posted on : Wed 6th - Feb - 2008

  • Pot smoking link to gum disease
  • Young pot smokers risk gum disease and tooth loss by the age of 32 or younger a new study reveals Regularly smoking cannabis as a young adult can lead to early periodontal disease ndash independent of tobacco use ndash according to New Zealand researchers.. read more. Posted on : Wed 6th - Feb - 2008

  • A lollipop that promises to have tooth decay licked
  • A sugar free lollipop that actively fights tooth decay has been developed in the US The revolutionary orange flavoured sweet ndash marketed as Dr John s Herbal Candy ndash is infused with a liquorice extract that kills the primary bacterium causing tooth .. read more. Posted on : Wed 6th - Feb - 2008

  • Mouthguards essential in sport say dentists
  • Dental professionals want to make mouthguards compulsory for schoolchildren and club players participating in contact sports Recent studies reveal that between 13 and 39 of all dental injuries are sports related and about one in four children in the UK will .. read more. Posted on : Tue 5th - Feb - 2008

  • Cheap dental care prompts a Mexican wave of US tourists
  • British patients are not the only ones going elsewhere for cheap dental treatment ndash Americans are now heading to Mexican border cities for the same reasons Dentistry in the US has become prohibitively expensive for some patients with bills that can run.. read more. Posted on : Tue 5th - Feb - 2008

  • BDA backs minister s call for fluoride in tap water
  • Health Secretary Alan Johnson is to call for fluoride to be added to Britain s water supplies ndash and the move has the backing of the British Dental Association BDA The announcement is expected tomorrow Tuesday The government sees fluoridation as an e.. read more. Posted on : Mon 4th - Feb - 2008


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