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Jan - 2010.

  • Orthodontic Week flags up importance of straight teeth
  • March sees the first ever National Orthodontic Week aimed at enlightening patients on the importance of straight teeth It s the brainchild of the British Orthodontic Society BOS the charity which promotes the very best in education research and care of pat.. read more. Posted on : Fri 29th - Jan - 2010

  • Dentists get wired to Orthodontic Week
  • March sees the first ever National Orthodontic Week aimed at enlightening patients on the importance of straight teeth It s the brainchild of the British Orthodontic Society BOS the charity which promotes the very best in education research and care of pat.. read more. Posted on : Fri 29th - Jan - 2010

  • Dentistry courses may face fees hike
  • Dentistry may be among the university courses facing a fees hike if the government follows new advice Ministers have been advised that they should consider an increase in tuition fees for undergraduates taking courses such as law and medicine The report sugges.. read more. Posted on : Fri 29th - Jan - 2010

  • Preventive Practice of the Year 2009 announced
  • Young s Dental Practice in Snaith East Yorkshire has been announced as the Preventive Practice of the Year 2009 Every year Preventive Dentistry magazine and www preventivedentistry co uk receive countless entries and it takes a special sort of practice to .. read more. Posted on : Thu 28th - Jan - 2010

  • Dental attendance at an eight year low
  • The number of Brits heading to the dentist has fallen markedly in the last year A new survey suggests that the proportion of people who say they attend every six months has dropped from three in five to barely two in five people in just one year 59 to 43 .. read more. Posted on : Wed 27th - Jan - 2010

  • Dental technician launches one stop denture shop
  • A dental technician has set up a one stop shop for patients in need of dentures Mark Maley qualified as one of the first to work directly with patients to create dentures A Line Dental Services on Hylton Enterprise Park supplies dentists across the North Eas.. read more. Posted on : Mon 25th - Jan - 2010

  • Preventive dentistry cheaper than cure
  • Belt tightening Brits who neglect their teeth in the hope of saving money risk a shocking rise in the price of restorative dental treatments The amount spent on corrective dental surgery has more than tripled in the last two years according to figures releas.. read more. Posted on : Mon 25th - Jan - 2010

  • Colgate supports Heart Foundation campaign
  • Colgate and the British Heart Foundation have joined forces to help raise awareness about leading a healthier lifestyle The aim is also to raise vital funds to support February s National Heart Month and highlight the systemic link between good oral health and.. read more. Posted on : Mon 25th - Jan - 2010

  • Baby death linked to mum s gum disease
  • The first ever documented link between foetal death and a mother s pregnancy related gum disease has been reported A 35 year old woman delivered a full term stillborn baby who during pregnancy experienced severe gum bleeding a symptom of pregnancy related g.. read more. Posted on : Mon 25th - Jan - 2010

  • E learning professor joins virtual dental school
  • An expert on teaching students via the internet is helping to develop an international virtual dental school Frank Rennie professor of sustainable rural development at the prospective University of the Highlands and Islands will help to spread dental healthc.. read more. Posted on : Mon 25th - Jan - 2010

  • An alternative to fluoride
  • For decades oral healthcare has been focused on the effects of fluoride and how it prevents enamel demineralisation caused by acidic food drink and plaque because it helps to reinforce and strengthen enamel This is because when fluoride interacts with enamel.. read more. Posted on : Fri 22nd - Jan - 2010

  • Massive leap in adult dental brace desire
  • The number of adult braces has shot up dramatically in the last four years as more and more people become obsessed with having the perfect smile Traditionally associated with the awkwardness of teenage adolescence orthodontic braces are now one of the most po.. read more. Posted on : Fri 22nd - Jan - 2010

  • Dentists survey ends this weekend
  • Dentistry s PCT survey closes for good in little more than a week Filling out the form which is completely confidential takes less than a minute so don t miss the chance to have your say before 31 January 2010 As we the closing date looms closer .. read more. Posted on : Fri 22nd - Jan - 2010

  • Simon Cowell dedicates TV award to his dentist
  • Music mogul Simon Cowell dedicated his award to his dentist as he celebrated the X Factor s triumph as Most Popular Talent Show at the National TV awards last night Cowell s whitened teeth have been the subject of both ridicule and admiration in the press Af.. read more. Posted on : Thu 21st - Jan - 2010

  • Dental therapist course peaks with Windy City trip
  • A trip to the International Dental Conference in Chicago in February 2011 could prove an incentive to dental therapists considering a vocational training scheme The scheme is designed to equip dental therapy graduates with the necessary training and education .. read more. Posted on : Thu 21st - Jan - 2010

  • Snowfalls impact on dental attendance
  • A poll of dental practices throughout the UK reveals that the recent snow has meant a massive rise in patients missing out on appointments Last week s online survey found that almost 75 of practices reported an increase in the last two weeks due to the severe.. read more. Posted on : Thu 21st - Jan - 2010

  • Plasma jets to blast away tooth decay
  • Bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth decay could be blasted away by plasma jets That s the latest dental innovation according to a new study published in the February issue of the Journal of Medical Microbiology Firing low temperature plasma beams at denti.. read more. Posted on : Wed 20th - Jan - 2010

  • Experts advise on fluoride toothpaste for kids
  • Parents should use toothpastes that contain fluoride with a minimum concentration of 1 000 parts per million to prevent tooth decay in their children says a new report But parents concerned about the risk of fluorosis should consult their dentist to discuss.. read more. Posted on : Wed 20th - Jan - 2010

  • Experts advise on fluoride toothpaste for kids
  • Parents should use toothpastes that contain fluoride with a minimum concentration of 1 000 parts per million to prevent tooth decay in their children says a new report The study also revealed that children s toothpastes with fluoride concentrations less than .. read more. Posted on : Wed 20th - Jan - 2010

  • New concepts for dental hygiene
  • New concepts in dental hygiene is the topic of a meeting aimed at dental hygienists and therapists throughout the UK The 18th International Federation of Dental Hygienists IFDH International Symposium on Dental Hygiene ISDH is taking place at the Scottish .. read more. Posted on : Wed 20th - Jan - 2010

  • 2010 innovative dental student awards
  • The final of the Dentsply Student Clinician programme takes place in Edinburgh next month Supported by the BDA the awards are designed to help students showcase innovative original clinical and research work at undergraduate level It s just one of the initia.. read more. Posted on : Tue 19th - Jan - 2010

  • Taxman targets dentists in hunt for evaders
  • Dentists are being targeted in a new HM Revenue Customs HMRC crackdown on tax dodgers If they make a full confession of past unpaid tax then their penalty will be just 10 of the unpaid money Dentists ndash and other health professionals ndash who wa.. read more. Posted on : Tue 19th - Jan - 2010

  • 17 million dental school unveiled
  • A dental school in an area where more than 31 000 people do not have access to a dentist was opened today Tuesday Scotland s first minister Alex Salmond was joined by public health minister Shona Robison at Aberdeen Dental School to formally open the 17 7 .. read more. Posted on : Tue 19th - Jan - 2010

  • Dental nurses call on PM to slash GDC fees
  • Dental nurses are petitioning the prime minister in a bid to reduce the annual retention fee ARF they have to pay to the General Dental Council GDC The online petition needs to gather at least 500 signatories for it to reach the Prime Minister s office The.. read more. Posted on : Mon 18th - Jan - 2010

  • Half a million cash jab for dental research
  • The University of Plymouth is to provide 500 000 funding for the Peninsula Dental School to pursue three important areas of research in partnership with the university it was announced yesterday Thursday The first area of research will cover statistical e.. read more. Posted on : Fri 15th - Jan - 2010

  • Teeth trauma main reason for claims against anaesthetists
  • More than half the claims against anaesthetists in a 10 year period were allegations of dental damage mainly caused by laryngoscopes That s according to experts at the MDU Medical Defence Union Medico legal adviser Dr James Armstrong looked into 130 claim.. read more. Posted on : Thu 14th - Jan - 2010

  • Dentist Trevor Payne dies
  • Tributes have been paid to dentist Trevor Payne former stalwart of the BDA and secretary to the Barnet LDC and the Enfield Haringey LDC in north London who died recently He was General Dental Practitioners Committee GDPC and dental tutor at the Chace Po.. read more. Posted on : Thu 14th - Jan - 2010

  • Test chemicals in fluoride demand protesters
  • The anti fluoride lobby is calling for fluoride to be licensed as a medicine in another bid to ban it from the nation s tap water Campaigners have lodged this latest complaint while they await the outcome of a judicial review on adding fluoride to tap water in.. read more. Posted on : Wed 13th - Jan - 2010

  • Scientists work on vaccine for mouth cancer
  • DNA test could be key to targetting treatments for head and neck cancer Scientists at the University of Liverpool have found that a DNA test may help predict which patients will respond well to particular types of treatments The DNA tests reveals the level of .. read more. Posted on : Wed 13th - Jan - 2010

  • Dentistry Top 50 returns
  • It s that time of year again Today marks the launch of the fifth running of Dentistry magazine and www dentistry co uk s biggest feature Read on to find out how to be a part of it The annual Dentistry Top 50 campaign has stirred the imaginations and emotion.. read more. Posted on : Tue 12th - Jan - 2010

  • Six FREE bottles of wine for six dental crowns
  • As some dentists may know for the past two years DTS International has run a wine promotion over the Christmas period And of course December has now come and gone ndash and there s still been no mention of the great wine giveaway ndash but don t panic T.. read more. Posted on : Tue 12th - Jan - 2010

  • MBE for Steele NHS dentistry review member
  • A member of the Steele review team which took an independent look into NHS dentistry has been awarded in the New Year honours Janet Clarke ndash former chair of the Central Committee for Community and Public Health Dentistry of the BDA and clinical director .. read more. Posted on : Tue 12th - Jan - 2010

  • Euro role for dental school lead
  • Dr Jane McHarg year one lead at the Peninsula Dental School has become chair of the Special Interest Group in Research at the Association of Dental Education in Europe ADEE ADEE represents the voice of dental education in Europe the European Union and the.. read more. Posted on : Tue 12th - Jan - 2010

  • London dentist stars in TV s Secret Millionaire
  • Millionaire dentist Seema Sharma is on Channel 4 next weekend in an Indian Winter edition of the TV series The Secret Millionaire Next Sunday s edition of the series ndash in which millionaire benefactors bid farewell to their luxury lifestyles and go under.. read more. Posted on : Mon 11th - Jan - 2010

  • Dentistry s PCT survey The final countdown
  • The end is in sight For the last few months we have been canvassing the profession on the state of play with the nation s primary care trusts and the wait is nearly over But we still need your help with one last push to make sure the picture we are painting.. read more. Posted on : Mon 11th - Jan - 2010

  • Swiss Smile Dental Clinics enters India
  • A private dental chain has announced its launch of clinics in India The venture marks the first foray outside Europe for Swiss Smile Dental Clinic which has a branch in Brook Street London The company also has clinics in the ski resort of St Moritz and Z ri.. read more. Posted on : Mon 11th - Jan - 2010

  • News spotlight Tooth worms and mutilation
  • One of dental charity Dentaid s major drives is to bring to the attention of the western dental world the shocking and barbaric practice of infant oral mutilation IOM In much of eastern Africa ndash Uganda Sudan Tanzania Kenya Somalia Ethiopia and the .. read more. Posted on : Mon 11th - Jan - 2010

  • New mobile dental service takes to the road
  • The UK s first ever NHS mobile dentistry service has been launched to ease problems with access to dentists The service will cover hard to reach areas and is in direct response to the public s difficulty in accessing NHS dental care DentalXpress launched the n.. read more. Posted on : Fri 8th - Jan - 2010

  • True cost of dental tourism exposed
  • The price of travelling abroad for cheap dental treatment can work out to be more costly than visiting the dentist here That s according to new research that reveals the cost of so called dental tourism holidays which are proving popular in a recession hit B.. read more. Posted on : Thu 7th - Jan - 2010

  • Tories plan to fine no shows at dentists
  • Dentists will be able to fine patients who fail to turn up to appointments under new Tory plans The Conservative Party also unveiled its promise to ensure a dental check up for every five year old throughout the country The pledges are part of a planned.. read more. Posted on : Wed 6th - Jan - 2010

  • Scotland faces shortage of NHS dentists
  • Almost 80 000 people in Scotland are on waiting lists to register with an NHS dentist it s claimed New figures have revealed that across Scotland the total number of people waiting for registration has gone down since last year by fewer than 3 000 to 79 375 p.. read more. Posted on : Wed 6th - Jan - 2010

  • Cosmetic dental experts seek makeover volunteers
  • A cosmetic dental surgery is seeking volunteers to undergo the hi tech treatments featured in TV shows like 10 Years Younger Lubiju in Leith is regarded as one of Scotland s leading dental implant practices and provides training for dentists from around the co.. read more. Posted on : Mon 4th - Jan - 2010

  • Explain rejection of NICE review says BDA
  • The British Dental Association BDA is outraged that the Department of Health is refusing to seek NICE guidance on the HTM 01 05 decontamination guidelines for dental surgeries despite their request Susie Sanderson chair of the BDA executive board has now .. read more. Posted on : Mon 4th - Jan - 2010

  • Legal tips for dentists on the move
  • Dental professionals planning to move practices should ensure there is no disruption to patient care before they move on according to the latest DDU Journal Head of the Dental Defence Union DDU Rupert Hoppenbrouwers explains lsquo Understandably the m.. read more. Posted on : Mon 4th - Jan - 2010

  • General Dental Council s Hew Matheson gets CBE
  • Hew Mathewson outgoing president of the General Dental Council GDC and its first chair has been honoured in the New Year honours list for services to healthcare A member of the GDC since 1996 he has also chaired the professional conduct committee and serv.. read more. Posted on : Mon 4th - Jan - 2010

  • Calls to bring HIV testing to the dental chair
  • Public health experts in the US are calling on dentists to carry out tests for HIV Approximately one in 10 Americans visit a dentist but not a physician each year according to the Centres for Disease Control About a quarter of HIV positive people do not kno.. read more. Posted on : Mon 4th - Jan - 2010


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