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Jul - 2008.

  • One in four dentists to quit NHS
  • A new survey has shown that one in four dentists intend to quit the NHS The survey carried out by the Dental Practitioners Association DPA in May 2008 of dentists attitudes to the new NHS dental contract shows that one in four intends to quit the NHS co.. read more. Posted on : Wed 30th - Jul - 2008

  • From dentist to Olympic hopeful
  • Six years ago Wendy Houvenaghel was enjoying life as a successful dentist in Cornwall today she is on the cusp of becoming an Olympic gold medallist Houvenaghel from Maghera in Derry will be part of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team bidding for Te.. read more. Posted on : Wed 30th - Jul - 2008

  • Statutory registration for DCPs kicks in
  • Compulsory registration for dental nurses and dental technicians kicked in at midnight on 30 July 2008 Existing dental nurses and dental technicians have had two years to register with the General Dental Council GDC and as the clock struck 12 and the deadli.. read more. Posted on : Wed 30th - Jul - 2008

  • Dental robotic testing simulator invented
  • A dental robotic testing simulator has been invented to replicate human chewing in order to test dental materials Dr Kazem Alemzadeh in the bio engineering research group of Bristol University s Department of Mechanical Engineering has invented the Dental Robo.. read more. Posted on : Tue 29th - Jul - 2008

  • Stoke on Trent child tooth decay revealed
  • Nearly half of all five year olds in Stoke on Trent have fillings or teeth missing because of decay health officials have said The city s dental health is in the bottom third of the national league table the primary care trust said It said it would spend mon.. read more. Posted on : Mon 28th - Jul - 2008

  • Irish exposed to higher levels of radiation
  • Irish people are being exposed to higher levels of radiation than previously estimated according to a new report The findings have shown that the most recent estimate of the radiation dose received by the Irish population shows a 9 increase over previous est.. read more. Posted on : Sun 27th - Jul - 2008

  • Dental benefits of gummy bears revealed
  • Gummy bear sweets that contain some sugar alcohols could be an effective means of providing xylitol to children according to a new clinical trial in the US The study evaluated the impact of incorporating xylitol already linked to fighting the harmful mutans .. read more. Posted on : Thu 24th - Jul - 2008

  • Milk research funding to boost caries fight
  • Four dairies in Ireland are to research how the natural properties of milk can be used to deliver health benefits for consumers It has received euro 20 million in funding from Enterprise Ireland to meet this end The National Functional Foods Research Centre p.. read more. Posted on : Wed 23rd - Jul - 2008

  • Leading the pack
  • Yet another star name has joined the party at the 2008 Dentistry Awards firmly setting it up as the dental event of the year Athlete turned television personality Kriss Akabusi will take the stage on 12 December to compere the event adding his exuberant per.. read more. Posted on : Wed 23rd - Jul - 2008

  • Virtual patients help dental students
  • Dental students are to be part of a new virtual research project that aims to improve patient communication skills The students will meet Masha a dental patient in a virtual dental office whose oral health problems will continually change The middle aged a.. read more. Posted on : Mon 21st - Jul - 2008

  • Study catches dentists dirty handed
  • A US survey reveals dentists are failing hand hygiene standards That s according to a story at www drbicuspid com The study of New York practitioners discovered that recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC ndash including wa.. read more. Posted on : Thu 17th - Jul - 2008

  • Fruit juices may harm the teeth
  • Giving your child fruit juice helps to supply the needed nutrients for growth However experts say this must be backed up with steps to ensure it does not contribute to the child developing toothache They warned that even healthy fruit juices could be harmful.. read more. Posted on : Thu 17th - Jul - 2008

  • Survey says patients lie to dentists
  • A recent survey reveals that more than four in 10 adults admitted they lie to their dentist That s according to a story at www drbicuspid com One in four meanwhile said they would fib about flossing too according to a Harris Interactive poll of 1 001 US ad.. read more. Posted on : Thu 17th - Jul - 2008

  • A parrot teeth anyone
  • Meet Rainbow a lorikeet parrot from Australia who loves to clean its owner s teeth It was the parrot s teeth cleaning talent that reunited him with its owners after he went missing from his home on Sydney s northern beaches A local newspaper had reported tha.. read more. Posted on : Thu 17th - Jul - 2008

  • Private Dentistry National Conference line up is unveiled
  • Media star Ren Caryol headlines this year s eagerly awaited Private Dentistry National Conference Tickets are on sale for the event which will be held at the Russell Hotel in London on 27 November With a line up featuring some of the profession s biggest .. read more. Posted on : Wed 16th - Jul - 2008

  • Dentist s epic climb raises 6 000 for charity
  • Hertfordshire dentist Anant Patel has raised more than 6 000 for Cancer Research UK by completing a sponsored climb of Mount Kilimanjaro He was joined on the 5 895m six day climb by brother in law Ashvin Patel and friends Jeremy Good and Robert Osler Desp.. read more. Posted on : Wed 16th - Jul - 2008

  • Somerset has new dental plans
  • Plans to improve access to NHS dental care in Somerset have been revealed Somerset Primary Care Trust PCT is expected to approve a new dental strategy to bull reduce tooth decay in children by encouraging regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste bull im.. read more. Posted on : Wed 16th - Jul - 2008

  • Tooth loss can lead to confidence blow for patients
  • Dental patients who suffer tooth loss can also suffer psychologically That s according to a US dentist who stresses the importance of dentists helping patients cope with ndash and understand ndash the options for restoring their smile lsquo The major impa.. read more. Posted on : Wed 16th - Jul - 2008

  • Supermodel has a super smile
  • A 25 year old supermodel has had her smile fixed by a Derby dentist as a part of a television documentary Sophia Cahill was filmed having her teeth straightened whitened and perfected by dentists Tony Taunk and Aneu Sood The Sky programme called In Pursuit.. read more. Posted on : Mon 14th - Jul - 2008

  • Crooked teeth reveal ID of unknown soldier
  • A Warwickshire woman was shocked to find her uncle who died fighting in the Second World War has been discovered 60 years later ndash thanks to his crooked teeth Military experts say a picture showing 19 year old Ronald Keel flashing his teeth helped provide.. read more. Posted on : Mon 14th - Jul - 2008

  • Is your practice website making a great impression
  • The Dentistry co uk Website Awards is looking to honour your eye catching winning ways on the web Has your presence on the web got a high profile ndash and possess what it takes to win accolades as a style icon Your practice can have its online presence o.. read more. Posted on : Sun 13th - Jul - 2008

  • New specialists to ease unacceptable wait for orthodontic treatment
  • Children and teenagers in Norfolk waiting for an orthodontic appointment will be seen quicker following the appointment of two extra specialists A central orthodontic referral service has also been set up in a bid to reduce waiting lists and waiting times and .. read more. Posted on : Sun 13th - Jul - 2008

  • Ugly Betty dental braces most effective
  • When it comes to the attractiveness of orthodontic braces less metal is better according to a recent survey The study of the public s attitude about the attractiveness of various styles of braces indicates that the types of dental appliances with no visible.. read more. Posted on : Sun 13th - Jul - 2008

  • Dentists hit by Botox advert ban
  • Dentists will be banned from advertising Botox treatments at their practices the General Dental Council GDC has confirmed The Council has ruled that botulinum toxin fillers and other non surgical cosmetic procedures are not part of dentistry and cannot be .. read more. Posted on : Sun 13th - Jul - 2008

  • Could pulling a tooth help make sperm
  • Could sacrificing a tooth enable some infertile men to father children That s the goal of researchers in Brazil who suggest that stem cells from human teeth can be coaxed into becoming sperm by injecting them into the testes of mice The report is published a.. read more. Posted on : Thu 10th - Jul - 2008

  • BBC seeks bizarre dental tales
  • BBC television is looking for the most bizarre unusual and extraordinary dental cases to feature in a medical documentary series Bizarre ER The production team is looking to speak to dental professionals willing to share the most remarkable accidents injur.. read more. Posted on : Tue 8th - Jul - 2008

  • Cold Feet star gets his whiter teeth into Hollywood
  • Comedy actor John Thomson is celebrating his big break in Hollywood with a smile makeover The star of Cold Feet and The Fast Show has just finished filming fantasy adventure Inkheart and turned to Manchester s celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr Kailesh Solanki to .. read more. Posted on : Tue 8th - Jul - 2008

  • Patients and dentists let down by unpopular NHS reforms
  • The NHS dental contract is extremely unpopular with dentists and has failed to improve services for patients a committee of MPs said last week The Commons Health Select Committee in a damning report into the 2006 reforms said the Government s goal of im.. read more. Posted on : Mon 7th - Jul - 2008

  • One off disruption is a hiccup for 1st Dental
  • Dental supplier 1st Dental Laboratories warned its interim results would be behind directors expectations But as reported on www yorkshirepost co uk they said recovery plans were in place for the second half of the year The Harrogate based group said its rev.. read more. Posted on : Mon 7th - Jul - 2008

  • Dental tourism on the NHS
  • Millions who have lost their NHS dentist could insist on going abroad for free treatment under radical plans to allow lsquo health tourism Ministers were taken aback by the scale of EU proposals for new rights to shop around Europe for the best and fastest m.. read more. Posted on : Sun 6th - Jul - 2008

  • School dental screening planned
  • Dentists in Essex may soon be providing school screening for primary school children General dental practitioners GDPs in Essex may be contracted to provide the dental service following the success of initiatives introduced to mark the 60th anniversary of th.. read more. Posted on : Sun 6th - Jul - 2008

  • Cocaine heightens risks during dental treatment
  • Cocaine users are at a higher risk of complications when undergoing dental treatment Almost one million individuals use cocaine on a regular basis in the UK according to the British Dental Journal Although it s widely known that regular use can lead to perfor.. read more. Posted on : Sun 6th - Jul - 2008

  • Binge drinking fuels rise in young mouth cancer victims
  • Increasing numbers of young people are being hit by mouth cancer ndash and it s binge drinking and smoking that could be helping to fuel the rise Now the British Dental Health Foundation BDHF is warning people of all ages that they need to start checking t.. read more. Posted on : Sun 6th - Jul - 2008

  • Fruit tuck shops curb dental decay
  • Children who are banned from taking unhealthy snacks to school are much more likely to eat fruit especially if there is a fruit tuck shop That s according to research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health Fruit tuck shops had a much gr.. read more. Posted on : Sun 6th - Jul - 2008

  • East Midlands to consult over fluoridation of tap water
  • Residents could be asked if they want fluoride in the water in the east Midlands as part of a drive to improve dental health The plans have been unveiled as part of a 10 year plan to improve health across the East Midlands Increasing the number of people who v.. read more. Posted on : Sun 6th - Jul - 2008

  • Childhood tooth decay linked to vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy
  • Levels of vitamin D in pregnant women may affect the dental health of their infants new research has revealed Researchers at the University of Manitoba analysed the vitamin D levels of 206 women in their second trimester of pregnancy and found only 21 10 5 .. read more. Posted on : Sun 6th - Jul - 2008

  • Warning for diabetic dental patients
  • Medications that help control healthy insulin levels may lead to unexpected events at the dental surgery for diabetic patients It s therefore crucial that diabetic patients communicate their needs to their dentists dues is due to harmful interactions that coul.. read more. Posted on : Sun 6th - Jul - 2008

  • Dental fillings give you backache experts suggest
  • Metal earrings and dental fillings could be the cause of chronic back pain Pieces of metal that pierce or even just touch the skin could be setting off a massive chain reaction in the body sending hundreds of muscles out of alignment according to a story on.. read more. Posted on : Sun 6th - Jul - 2008


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