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Mar - 2006.

  • Longer lists for NHS dentists
  • The health minister is absolutely clear that dentists who decide to sign the new contract will increase their lists to take on the children set to lose out on free dental treatment from other dentists choosing to go private Speaking exclusively to Dentis.. read more. Posted on : Fri 31st - Mar - 2006

  • Dentistry magazine s Top 50 The Results
  • Voting has finished in the most exciting campaign since the debate on the new contract In January we first published a rough list of potential influencers in the profession The idea was to stimulate readers to vote on who you thought were the key influencers .. read more. Posted on : Fri 31st - Mar - 2006

  • Human tooth in space
  • A human tooth has been recovered floating in space Astronauts on NASA s flagship satellite the International Space Station have gathered in the tooth which was found among space junk while the astronauts as well as the tooth were travellin.. read more. Posted on : Fri 31st - Mar - 2006

  • New contract is a shambles
  • A massive 99 of dentists are experiencing problems with the new contract according to a new survey carried out by the British Dental Association BDA Practitioners across England and Wales are struggling to make sense of the new arrangements for NHS dentist.. read more. Posted on : Fri 31st - Mar - 2006

  • Wales contract update
  • Dentistry magazine highlights the contract controversy in Wales The NHS regulations governing the Welsh dentistry profession have been approved minus a major change it had once been intended to incorporate Welsh health minister Brian Gibbons had been forced b.. read more. Posted on : Wed 29th - Mar - 2006

  • Red wine can help stop gum disease
  • Chemicals in red wine can help prevent and treat gum disease according to a study conducted in Canada The participating scientists believe the polyphenols in the drink can block production of free radical molecules which at high levels can damage gum tissu.. read more. Posted on : Wed 29th - Mar - 2006

  • The Oracle of Wimpole Street
  • John Chope lists some of the questions that the GDC will be asking itself in the months to comeThe ancient Greeks began the custom of navel gazing when they contemplated the very navel of civilisation itself This was a great cleft in the bedrock at Delphi dir.. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • Supply and demand effect
  • When the new contracts starts in April 2006 you may initially have noticed little change despite the hype that it was the most significant change since the NHS started nearly for 60 years ago On 3 April if you are still in the NHS you will probably see a n.. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • Letter to Editor UDAs will force compromises on care
  • Dear EditorI read with interest the article regarding poster rallies in Dentistry magazine news 2 March I don t think the local MPs know what they are talking about They have no idea about how dentistry works or the implication of the new contract How ca.. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • Salaried dentists receive a boost
  • Salaried dentists are to benefit from career development and pay review said the Health Minister at The Lister Centre in South London last week Speaking face to face with salaried dentists Rosie Winterton said that the consultation responses supported propos.. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • Dental nurses put in the spotlight
  • Dental nurses and hygienists could undertake work currently done by fully qualified dentists as part of a massive NHS shake up the Health Minister has suggested She told MPs that they would in future be able to reduce the burden on over worked dentists by.. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • Your New Contract Questions Answered
  • More than 1 000 dentists attended Denplan s Impact seminars which took place across the country throughout January and February to get the latest news about and guidance on the new contract Here Denplan s chief dental officer Roger Matthews outlines an.. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • Politicians back Stop the Rot campaign
  • Children should be encouraged to take their toothbrushes to school so they can clean their teeth after lunch MPs have said Labour Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians believe the measure would help tackle alarming levels of tooth decay among school .. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • National Smile Month
  • The British Dental Health Foundation BDHF has launched a special website for National Smile Month Sponsored by Golden Vale Cheestrings the site is at www nationalsmilemonth org and has been set up to provide event organisers with all that they need to get .. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • BDA calls all golfers
  • The British Dental Association Golf Society which has been in existence for nearly 100 years is currently welcoming new members Belonging to the Society gives you the opportunity to play golf on some of the finest courses in the south of England This year .. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • CODE rolls out new contract
  • A new set of provider performer contracts for nGDS is to be released by CODE based on paying dentists and orthodontists for UDA s and UOAs earned Some authorities are unhappy with the period of the orthodontic treatment A spokesperson from The Orthodontic .. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • Eight new dentists sent to Cumbria
  • Dental services in Cumbria which have been hard hit by a number of dentists leaving the NHS will be boosted by the opening of two new practices North Cumbria Primary Care Trusts PCT launched an urgent recruitment drive late last year Two new practices w.. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • Competition winner is cruising in style
  • Following the Gengigel competition run in Dentistry last year Oraldent and Dentistry magazine are delighted to announce Brigit Wilmer of the Little House Dental Practice as the winner of a four day luxury cruise to the Netherlands and Belgium aboard the famou.. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • Positive action against fake imports
  • Julian English reports on a new scheme launched to combat counterfeit productsEvidence has emerged that the trend for the sale of fake and pirated products seen so often in consumer goods has now reached medical and dental materials Counterfeit dental material.. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • Welsh money definitely axed
  • The Welsh dentistry initiative of cash grants totalling 800 000 this year to encourage dentists to provide NHS service in deprived areas has been axed The 10 year old initiative provides grants to attract new practitioners and for existing practices to exten.. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • New implant group
  • The British Society of Oral Implantology has been launched to provide a structure that experienced and aspiring implantologists can use to show to the profession and patients their level of achievement It also aims to develop their education in this exciting .. read more. Posted on : Tue 28th - Mar - 2006

  • BDA slams contract
  • The new contract is an absolute mess The contract needs to be looked at in a much more serious manner than it has been because there are serious flawsThe controversial new dental contract is an absolute mess that will deal a devastating blow to personal.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Watchdog created to oversee the changes
  • The Health Minister is to set up a national implementation group of dentists patients and NHS representatives in a bid to ensure new dental changes will be successful The implementation group should include representatives from the British Dental Association .. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Kid s dentistry under threat
  • Dentists up and down the country are telling parents they will no longer offer free treatment for children They have said local health bosses are not allowing them to treat adults privately and children on the NHS when a new contract is introduced in April Man.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • nGDS looms over GDC
  • John Chope describes how concerns about the new GDS contract coloured the recent debates at the GDC It is said that as the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan swept across the Steppes of central Asia their stench travelled 100 miles before them One can only imagin.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Beware the ides of March
  • Scene one Julian English reminds readers that the ides of March have come but not gone First GDP Peace ho Let us hear himSecond GDP Yet form thee not a queueAnthony Friends colleagues and performers lend me your ears I come to bury nGDS not to pr.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Dentists shun the new contract
  • Seventy five dentists out of 300 surveyed have said they will not sign up to the new contract says a new poll Of the 1 000 dentists surveyed 300 replied to the World at One poll with a quarter saying they refuse to sign it If the results were replicated acr.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Renshaw quits NHS
  • The chair of the British Dental Association is to leave the NHS to go private after 37 years in the growing row over the way dentists will be paid under the new contract John Renshaw s practice in Scarborough will become private in April Mr Renshaw chair of.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • BDHF backs the fight against child obesity
  • The British Dental Health Foundation BDHF charity is to back a campaign to reduce childhood obesity by ridding schools of unhealthy snacks The oral health charity said that healthy alternatives will also massively reduce levels of tooth decay and dental eros.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Polish dentists put in to the spotlight
  • Scottish dentists have described a Polish recruitment scheme aimed at tackling the NHS shortage as a short term fix The criticism followed news that ministers had welcomed the arrival of the first 11 dentists from Poland The Scottish Executive said 40 Poles ha.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • 9 000 patients to lose NHS treatment
  • One of Cornwall s biggest dental surgeries is stopping the NHS service it provides for adults from April The head of the White Rose surgery in Camborne Dr Simon Smith is leaving the health service after 25 years He said it was because the government s new co.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • New practices to halt the Welsh NHS crisis
  • Thousands of NHS dentist places could be made available in north Wales after talks between health boards existing dentists and a private company Three new surgeries are planned for Flintshire which could eventually serve 37 000 patients Two practices with ei.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Endodontics guru dies
  • A Boston dental surgeon who refined the instruments and techniques used to perform root canals making the procedure safer and more successful died on 25 January at his home in Newton Massachusetts Dr Herbert Schilder was 77 years old In the 1960s while te.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Lifeline in contract confusion
  • With weeks to go before the implementation of the new dental contract it s time to stop debating and take action Developed in response to the surge of dentists resigned to leaving the NHS Denplan will be holding nationwide Lifeline conversion forums The f.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • The path of the journeyman dentist
  • By Richard Pilkington FDS RCSIt was Shakespeare who wrote about the seven ages of man in As You Like It In those days of olde man progressed through these stages and inevitably ended up sans teeth sans eyes sans taste sans everything Modern man s.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Amblecote wins IIP award
  • Lynda Waltho Labour MP for Stourbridge visited her dentist on Friday not for a check up but to present the practice with the prestigious Investors In People award Staff at Amblecote Dental Practice were assessed in September and were delighted to hear.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • NHS in Peterlee
  • Patients in Peterlee will have more opportunity to access NHS dental services following the appointment of a new dentist Nina Wilson 33 who has joined the Castledene Dental Surgery in Peterlee is the only female dentist working in the district Her arriva.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Cardiff University 40th Anniversary
  • A 40th anniversary reunion of what used to be the University of Wales College of Medicine s Dental School in October of this year The School is part of Cardiff University now they merged last year Call Cardiff University Alumni Office on 029 2087 6473 .. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Dent O Care sad loss
  • Dent O Care is sad to announce the death of much loved Director Ian Herman Ian died peacefully in the Hospice of St John and Elizabeth in London on 4 February following a six month battle with cancer Ian had been integral to the development and success of t.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Townsend to leave GDC
  • General Dental Council Chief Executive Antony Townsend is leaving the GDC as he has been appointed chief executive of the new Law Society Regulatory Body Antony who has been at the GDC for almost five years will leave the GDC in the summer to take up his n.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Hen s teeth rare Maybe not so
  • Hens teeth may not be so rare according to a team of Manchester scientists who have discovered a mutant chicken with a complete set of teeth The chicken called a Talpid occurs naturally but has mutated limbs and dies before it is hatched It was first d.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Website for patients
  • www allaboutteeth co uk is a patient website where questions are answered by a growing panel of highly respected private dental practitioners The panel selected for their best practice and highest skills have been brought together by TJ Nicolas the pro.. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • GDC wants your views
  • The GDC is strengthening its arrangements for dealing with problems of behaviour practice and poor health in dental professionals and introducing much needed new procedures to tackle problems of professional competence The GDC expects to implement the new .. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Howden Dental new member
  • Sir Paul Beresford MP and private dentist has joined Howden Dental as a member of its key advisory board .. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Bambach seats used in Australia
  • The Australian Physiotherapy Association APA has endorsed the Bambach saddle seat as a chair that helps overcome muscular skeletal disorders The seat will now carry the APA logo .. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Medenta Finance new partner
  • Medenta Finance is pleased to announce that Mike Aldred until recently a director in the company has become a partner Mike is specifically responsible for developing the 0 interest free finance facility that the company has refined .. read more. Posted on : Tue 14th - Mar - 2006

  • Dentist s tour de force
  • Dentistry writer Richard Pilkington covered 1 100 miles of tarmac in the name of charity in a bike ride for Dentaid He said As the dental profession is about to go through some radical changes I wanted to do something that is usually overlooked We work.. read more. Posted on : Mon 13th - Mar - 2006

  • Executive role is confirmed
  • Peter Ward has been appointed as chief executive of the BDA as revealed exclusively in Dentistry magazine s 16 February issue Peter who will take up his new role next month has a wide range of experience including general practice administrative and com.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • A new College of Dentistry is born
  • Dentistry magazine can exclusively reveal plans to create a new College of Dentistry The two faculties resident at the Royal College of Surgeons the Faculty of Dental Surgery and the Faculty of General Dental Practice UK are to combine to create one Col.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Henry Schein and the BDTA support Crisis Open Christmas
  • Henry Schein and the British Dental Trade Association BDTA supported the Crisis Open Christmas initiative last year with dental equipment sundries and qualified staff who offered dental treatment to as many as 1 500 people Henry Schein provided for quick .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Local anaesthetic shortages exposed
  • Dentsply International has announced it is to close its Chicago based pharmaceutical manufacturing facility which produced the injectable local anaesthetic used in the UK For several months the facility had suspended production of local anaesthetic products .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Smoking vote is wonderful news
  • Dental groups and health campaigners up and down the country have welcomed a vote paving the way for a ban on smoking in all pubs clubs and restaurants in England from the summer of 2007 Dr Nigel Carter chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Countdown to the new contract
  • With only four weeks to go to the final date before the new GDS contract must be signed this is a busy time for dentists Many have signed a new contract or are ready to sign many are still going through the interim stages PCTs were given a deadline of 28 Feb.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Poster rally slammed
  • By Ian Drury parliamentary correspondentNHS dentists have been slammed for displaying posters in surgeries which MPs claim are frightening patients into signing up with private practices Dentists unhappy with the new Government contract which will come into.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • New manager for Bicon
  • Sue Hood has been appointed country manager for Bicon Dental Implants in the UK Sue has been with Bicon since September 2000 during which time the system has experienced rapid growth and acceptance among UK dental practitioners .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • NHS dentist for 26 000
  • A private company is planning to provide up to 26 000 NHS places for dental patients in mid and west Wales Denticare is setting up five surgeries in Newtown Brecon and Lampeter Port Talbot and Killay The firm says it is receiving approximately 40 000 from.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Outrage at MEP dental freebies
  • MEPs are entitled to huge dental allowances and taxpayers are footing the bill reveals documents leaked from the European Parliament s Council of Presidents Among the range of freebies on offer MEPs can be reimbursed for dental care including up to e.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • New leasing scheme ideal for associates
  • A new scheme is to be introduced which will allow associates to take a smaller and less risky step to becoming a partner in their own business Clinic Leasing is a simple concept providing modern spacious and well equipped dental surgeries leased to dentists.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Registration and lists
  • Michael Watson reportsRegistration is abolished from 1 April this year and some dentists have asked how you decide who you see Most patients attend a practice they have visited before and these are your practice patients some are seen under the NHS some pri.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Dealing with long courses of treatment
  • By Michael WatsonIf you are credited with three UDAs whether you do one filling or ten how do you treat patients with high needs and still fulfil your UDA quota The expression splitting courses of treatment has been used to describe a possible system o.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Trevor Griffiths OBE
  • John Chope remembers Trevor who died on 19th February 2006The Council was shocked to hear of the untimely death of Trevor Griffiths elected dental member of the GDC for Wales from 1991 until his resignation due to ill health in 2004 He was Deputy President of.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • BDA contract discussions continue
  • Rosie Winterton met with the British Dental Association BDA last week to discuss the NHS dental reforms But the BDA s report of the meeting does not mention the principles that it agreed with said a Department of Health DoH statement The BDA indicated tha.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • DoH rolls out information packs
  • Dental practices are to receive patient information packs from the Department of Health DoH this month in a bid to help patients understand the changes What you need to know about changes to NHS Dentistry in England and two copies of the poster New simpler .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Carroll s big award
  • Dennis Carroll formerly general manager at 3M ESPE was delighted to receive a scroll commemorating the addition of his name to the BDTA roll of honour by the president Peter Gowers at the BDTA midwinter meeting in December Dennis revealed to the audience o.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Huge 43 growth in applications from Dentists General
  • The Dentists General D G has experienced a staggering 42 increase in applications during 2005 compared with 2004 This means the D G has doubled its number of annual applications since 2003 This follows the news last year that 2004 s applications inc.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • McGee raced for leukaemia patient
  • Family man and dentist Tony McGee is constantly trying to keep fit in between running his very busy practice Fairfield Dental Surgery in Staines Middlesex studying for an MSc in Dental Implantology and spending quality time with his young family But he sti.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Dentists to benefit from business basics
  • Dental business guru Arun Mehra is to front a new seminar that teaches dentists the business essentials Billed as only for dentists serious about their profits one day course The business of dentistry will focus on the tools needed to boost prac.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Hard line on the hard sell
  • An independent clinical and financial review of popular dental products and techniques is to be headed by leading US dentist Dr Gordon Christensen next month The Bottom line will cut through the enormous variety of techniques materials and devices av.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Dental Institute aids overseas students
  • The Dental Institute King s College London is to offer international students the chance to obtain postgraduate qualifications without travelling to the UK As part of its distance learning programme the Institute offers a Master of Clinical Dentistry cour.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Return of the WAC
  • The World Aesthetic Congress WAC will be marking its fifth anniversary this year and is celebrating with its most prestigious speaker line up to date The two day programme will feature key names such as Pascal and Michel Magne John Cranham Chris Orr Paul .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Bloomsbury Dental Group is proud to announce a new name
  • Bloomsbury Dental Group is proud to announce a new name for the Hertfordshire based practice from January 2006 Senova Dental Studios Bloomsbury Dental Group was originally set up in 1958 Bernard Bloom In 1991 his son David subsequently joined the practic.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Scientist Award for 2006 by the International Association of Dental Research IADR
  • Professor Anthony Blinkhorn of the School of Dentistry at The University of Manchester has been awarded the prestigious H Trendley Dean Distinguished Scientist Award for 2006 by the International Association of Dental Research IADR The honour has been besto.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • British Dental Hygienists Association conference
  • The BDTA supported the British Dental Hygienists Association conference and exhibition held at the Bournemouth International Centre in November 2005 Delegates were given mugs sporting the BDTA s Suppliers You Can Trust strapline as well as pens BDT.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Oasis Healthcare improved interim results
  • Oasis Healthcare PLC one of the UK s leading corporate dentistry operators with 122 practices announces much improved interim results for the period ending 30 September 2005 Turnover increased by 10 and EBITDA profits increased by 17 .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • New finance director at Oasis Healthcare
  • Andrew Holdcroft aged 35 has been appointed finance director at Oasis Healthcare Andy qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG in 1994 .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • New marketing manager for Eschmann
  • Eschmann the infection control company most famous the Little Sister range of autoclaves has appointed a new marketing manager for its infection control division David Gibson .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Pension age for dentists remains at 60
  • The Government has announced that the pension age for dentists working within the NHS will remain at 60 This follows agreement by the Government of a new framework which future public service pensions will be negotiated The British Dental Association BDA .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • New Chair of the BDA Executive Board
  • Dr Susie Sanderson has today been elected as Chair of the British Dental Association s BDA S Executive Board She is the first woman to hold this high profile position Accepting her new position Dr Sanderson said It is a great privilege to represen.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • KCL and UCL Eastman collaboration
  • Kings College London KCL and University College London UCL are involved in discussions concerning a formal relationship between KCL and UCL Eastman Dental Institutes The two dental schools represent unique strengths in undergraduate and postgraduate tea.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • National Smile Week 2006
  • The British Dental Health Foundation BDHF has announced that National Smile Week will become National Smile Month to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year The campaign is set to run from May 14 to June 13 and will give dental practices schools retail .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • First British prize winner at European Society of Endodontology
  • A clinical lecturer from the University of Birmingham School of Dentistry has become the first British winner of a prestigious research prize awarded by the European Society of Endodontology Phillip Tomson a lecturer and specialist registrar in restorative de.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Henry Schein new vice president
  • Henry Schein is delighted to announce that Simon Gambold sales and marketing director is the new vice president for the British Dental Trade Association BDTA The BDTA represents the dental healthcare industry in the UK with membership currently standing .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • Sir Paul Beresford joins Advisory Board of Howden Dental
  • Dentist and Member of Parliament Sir Paul Beresford has joined the Advisory Board of Howden Dental Sir Paul s appointment is part of Howden s drive to recruit distinguished members of the profession to help it tailor its professional liability insurance o.. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006

  • New dentist in Peterlee
  • Patients in Peterlee will have more opportunity to access NHS dental services following the appointment of a new dentist Nina Wilson 33 joined the Castledene Dental Surgery in Peterlee and is the only female dentist working in the district This means an .. read more. Posted on : Fri 3rd - Mar - 2006


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