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Dental Support UK provide hundreds of Dentists with secure remote Dental Data backup solutions.

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Backup your Dental Data remotely and securely.

Our Data Backup Service is a fully automated online backup service aimed at all practices to securely backup Windows/Mac/Linux based systems over the internet.

Unlike many of our competitors we offer a fully managed service from backup to restore - utilizing powerful encryption and compression algorithms for your data security.

We use binary incremental technology to ensure that once your initial backup has been sent, from then on only the binary increments or the differential is sent. Simply put your nightly backups are quick and efficient.

Our Data Backup Service can be used as an alternative to unreliable, expensive and time consuming tape backup solutions which gives a fully mirrored and supported offsite Data Backup.

Our Online data storage of encrypted information provides a safe, reliable and cost effective alternative to traditional backup and data storage methods.

Key benefits of our Dental Data Backup Service..

Our Data Backup Service gives you the benefits of online data storage normally only available to large companies at a fraction of the price, in fact our Data Backup Service starts at just £14.99 per month and is also included FREE with our Ongoing Support Service!

Key benefits include the following

  • Fully automated Backup - No user intervention necessary.
  • Dual site storage - All Data is stored at 2 seperate locations.
  • Mirrored dual site storage - All Data at both locations, is mirrored.
  • FREE 24/7/365 support - All your Data issues are handled by us.
  • Free retrieval of Data within 24 hours - Data Restored within 24 hours.
  • No bandwidth charges
  • You only pay for the amount of Data stored on the system - Unlimited storage with our Ongoing Support Service
  • All charges are based on compressed Data - Your Data is compressed and encrypted before it is stored on our systems, so the Amount of Data stored is smaller than the original Data.

Data Backup - How it all works.

After the simple installation of the software you/we select the files and/or directories that are important to you. This only has to be done this first time, but it's possible to change the selection later on if required.

The first time our service runs a full offsite backup will be made of your selected files. After encryption and compression these are sent to the our offsite servers for safe storage through a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)connection.

From that moment on, a daily/hourly/continuous (incremental) backup will be made of all new and changed files - This on a schedule determined by you with our support.

After each backup you will receive an e-mail notification with a detailed report of your backup. If our servers didn't receive your scheduled backup you will also be notified by email.

Your files are stored at two secure locations to ensure that there's always a copy of your data available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Our service encrypts your data and then sends it over your internet connection to one of the most secure data centres in Europe where it is then securely replicated to another data centre for extra data integrity.

The beauty of online backup is that in the event of data loss files can be restored directly online via a quick and user-friendly interface either yourself or by one of our engineers on your behalf.

Coupled with this, all of our customers enjoy 24/7/365 Backup Support free of charge and a comprehensive SLA (Service Level Agreement).

We remain one of the leaders in internet backup solutions for the dental industry and are the only backup provider to back their business based solutions with a 99.9% SLA meaning not only is your data safe but we guarantee it is!

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  • Anti-Virus & Application updates.
  • Unlimited Remote Server Data backup.
  • Loan equipment on hardware failure.
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