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Have an IT problem ? don't have a contract? No problem! We provide instant on demand support even if you don't have a contract

On a pay as you go basis.

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Here at Dental Support UK - We understand that you may not be able to afford the luxury of outsourcing your IT on a monthly basis, esepecially if you have staff that are technically Savvy.

So - our Emergency Support on Demand Service is ideal for the times when you can't get up and running quickly yourself.


Emergency On Demand Dental IT Support Service.

Support On Demand is here for you when you dont have the time to get quotes on contractual services, when a fast response is paramount. If you have an IT emergency give us a call we will solve your problems - no contract - no problem!

What is Support on demand...?

Support on demand is a per incident response service. When you have an IT problem you call our team, who will try to establish what action is necessary, wether it be onsite rescue, phone rescue or remote rescue - support.

An account and a support ticket is then opened. An engineer will pick up your ticket and begin the support process. Once your ticket has been resolved a 30 day invoice is issued.

What kind of problems can i use this service for...?

Anything from an application error to Network failiure to system compromise ( via virus or hacker ) can be covered by this service. Whatever your IT problem - we can help. An example of problems as below.

  • My System is running slowly
  • Setting up a new printer
  • Getting started online
  • Installing a new ADSL modem
  • Configuring a computer network
  • Removing viruses and spyware
  • Setting up a fax machine
  • Choosing a new computer etc

Remote rescue...

The advent of remote connections to a client's PC is nothing new, yet it’s still be used as a second choice option by many IT support companies.

We operate differently. Our Rescue system is used as a primary support choice, with one simple click you are connected to a qualified engineer.

Within a few seconds he can see your screen and resolve the issue leaving you free to make calls or grab a quick coffee. No lengthy phone calls or irritating call backs.

Phone rescue...

If for any reason we cannot instigate a remote rescue session to your network/system we can guide you over the phone to a resolution to your problem.

Onsite rescue...

Under some circumstances a remote or phone rescue option is just not possible, in this instance we will attend your practise to resolve the issue in question. This is obviously the most costly of our Support on demand options but some times un-avoidable.


Call Dental Support UK

Premium IT Support

  • All Servers & workstations covered..
  • Saturday Cover INCLUDED.
  • Telephone support.
  • Remote support.
  • 4 hour on-site Server response.
  • System monitoring.
  • Network monitoring and security.
  • Anti-Virus & Application updates.
  • Unlimited Remote Server Data backup.
  • Loan equipment on hardware failure.
  • Reduced rates for PC parts supply & installations.

No matter how big
your practice you
pay the same


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